Intel Israel
Core business
Development of Microprocessors and Peripherals Integrated Circuits
Employees:  1600
Turnover (KUS$):  227,000
The year 2004 is marked by the celebration of Intel Israel’s thirtieth anniversary. The company, which began operating in Israel in 1974 with five employees, is considered to be the largest private employer in the country today – with 5,400 employees in its development and production plants in Haifa, Jerusalem, Kiryat Gat, Petach Tikva, and Yakum. In 2003, Intel, which is one of Israel’s leading exporters, registered an export volume of 1.362 billion dollars – 13 percent of the sum total of the exports from the country’s electronics and information industry.
Intel Israel serves as an international development center for Intel worldwide. For 30 years, the Development Center in Haifa, with its branches in Yakum and Jerusalem, has been making technological breakthroughs that change the face of the computing world. The achievements in development include the 8088 processor, which was selected to be the “brain” of the first PC, MMX technology, and the Intel Centrino mobile technology. With the launching of the first cellular processor, Manitoba, the Development Center in Petach Tikva assumed its position at the forefront of the cellular communications group in Intel Corporation. In Intel Jerusalem, the first manufacturing plant to be established outside of the U.S., dozens of advanced microelectronic products are manufactured concurrently by means of 6-inch technology. In the Kiryat Gat plant, Pentium 4 processors for PCs are manufactured using advanced technology, as are chips for mobile computers, for cellular communication, and so on. Integrated activity for the future in education and in the community In the framework of Intel Israel’s ongoing commitment to the advancement of scientific education, the company initiates and implements educational programs that encompass tens of thousands of participants from all over the country. This undertaking takes its place among a wide variety of community-geared volunteer projects that are initiated and carried out by Intel employees as a part of their involvement in the surroundings in which they work.
Marvell Semiconductors Israel Ltd.
Core business
Content addressable memory (CAM); R&D of VLSI components
Employees:  400
MARVELL SEMICONDUCTOR ISRAEL (formerly GALILEO TECHNOLOGY LTD. acquired by Marvell Technology Group Ltd. in 2000) is a fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets complex semiconductor devices which solve important problems in high performance embedded control systems, principally in the area of data communications.
MARVELL SEMICONDUCTOR ISRAEL’s largest target market is the networking market, with specific emphasis on high value internetworking systems for businesses. In addition, MARVELL SEMICONDUCTOR ISRAEL has decided to target the remote access segment of the networking market. Some of MARVELL SEMICONDUCTOR ISRAEL’s existing products are also designed for the imaging market, which includes printers, copiers, scanners, high-performance graphics systems, and digital video distribution systems.
MARVELL SEMICONDUCTOR ISRAEL ‘s products are divided into three areas: high-performance core logic, data communications controllers, and application specific memory (ASM) buffers, all of which are key building blocks of embedded controllers.
Core business
The company’s charter is to be the leading semiconductor supplier of I/O building blocks for the Internet infrastructure
Employees:  80
Main Markets:
Communications, server, data storage and Internet data
centers market
MELLANOX TECHNOLOGIES LTD. is a private, fabless semiconductor company founded in March of 1999 with design, engineering, and quality and reliability operations based in Israel and business operations, sales, marketing, and customer service headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.
The company’s charter is to be the leading semiconductor supplier of I/O building blocks for the Internet infrastructure. Mellanox delivers solutions to the communications and data storage markets, based on the InfiniBand Trade Association standard.
The company develops semiconductors for this burgeoning Internet infrastructure in the server, communication and data storage markets. In order to accelerate customers’ time to market, the company offers system product development kits (PDK’s) including functional systems, board design database, and software drivers.
Demand for improved I/O performance and reliability exists in a number of separate markets. To serve these markets the industry has developed the InfiniBand Architecture and Mellanox provides solutions tailor fit for specific market segments. Mellanox recognizes system vendors’ hardware and software investment, and provides a mechanism to support legacy I/O controller cards while enabling a smooth transition from traditional I/O infrastructure to the new generation of InfiniBand fabrics.