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ACRC workshop: Entrepreneurship in semiconductors

with Shlomo Raikin 


May 3, 2023 May 3, 2023, from 12:30

Auditorium 280

Meyer Building

ACRC workshop:


Pizza Beer & Technology


Alon Flaisher

December 11, 2022 Closed
ACRC workshop:


Entrepreneurship in semiconductors


Alon Yehezkely

November 30, 2022 Closed
ACRC workshop: 


Entrepreneurship in Semiconductors
withe Mr. Michael Kagan
08-06-2022 Closed
ACRC Research Day:

Prof. David Blaauw University of

The Internet of Tiny Things (IoT^2): Challenges and
Opportunities in mm-Scale Computing
08-05-2022 Closed
ACRC Research Day:

Prof. Rajit Manohar (Yale University)

“Neuromorphic Systems: From Concept to Design.” 28-01-2020 Closed
Entrepreneurship in Semiconductors
Seminar: Dov Moran
 “The Surprises behind the story of M-Systems.” 31-12-2019 Closed
Industry exposure day:

Circuit design

05-2019 Closed
ACRC 2019 Research Day:

Prof. Hossam Haick and ACRC graduate students

“Stretchable and Multi-Functional Transistor with Intrinsic Self-Healing Properties for Biomedical Applications” 29-1-2019 Closed
Entrepreneurship in Semiconductors
12-2017 Closed
Prof. Subhasish Mitra (Stanford University) Robust Computing Systems:
From Today to the N3XT 1,000X
13-11-2017 Closed
Prof. Eric Klumperik (Twente University) N-Path Filters and Mixer-First Receivers – A Review 12-11-2017 Closed
Raviv Melamed (CEO Vayyar) Entrepreneurship in Semiconductors
7-2017 Closed
Alon Yehezkeli (VP R&D Wiliot) Entrepreneurship in Semiconductors
7-2017 Closed
Seiden Workshop Beyond CMOS: From Devices to Systems 5-6-6-2017 Closed
 Inna Vaisband (U. of Rochester), Alex Fish (Bar-Ilan University), Nir Rosenzweig and Efi Rotem (Intel), Michael Zelikson  (Intel), Shye Shapira (Tower), Tuvia Liran (Nano Retina Inc), Eby Friedman (U. of Rochester) On-Chip Power Delivery and Power Management 02-05-2013 Closed
Prof. Sung-Mo “Steve” Kang (University of California), Dr. Nuriel Amir (KLA), Dr. Yakov Roizin (Tower Semiconductor), Naftali Tishby (Hebrew University), Dr. Alon Ascoli (Polotecnico di Torino),  Avi Klein(Sandisk) Memristors and Resistive Memory: Devices and Applications 07-03-2012 Closed
Zvi Or-Bach (President and CEO of MonolithingIC 3d) Monolithic 3D – The effective alternative to Dimensional Scaling 21-11-2011 Closed
Prof. Kamran Eshraghian (President of Innovation Laboratories, Australia,
Distinguished Professor at WCU College of Electrical & Electronic Engineering)
Addressing Technologies Beyond Moore’s Law: the reality of nanoscale devices as part of future System on System Integration 15-06-2011 Closed
Prof. Eby Friedman (University of Rochester) 3-dimensional integration of VLSI circuits – technical, challenges and opportunities 24-02-2011 Closed
Prof. David Harris (Dep. of Engineering Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA) Variation and Low Voltage Digital Circuit Design 31-12-2010 Closed
Dr. Michael Zelikson (Intel), Dr.Shye Shapira (Tower), Eitan Rosen (Marvell), Nimrod Ben Ari (Zoran), Gregory Sizikov (Intel), Dr. Aharon Unikovsky (Tower), Dr.Ingmar Kallfass,  University of Stuttgart Power Supply Issues in VLSI Systems 14-07-2010 Closed
Dr. Christopher D. Walton (University of Hull),  Dr. Ofir Degani (Galilee Technology Center), Prof. Emanuel Cohen (Technion) Brief RFIC seminar 23-01-2010 Closed