Zvi Or-Bach

Supervisor: Prof Yitzhak Birk

Place: room 861 Electrical Eng. Building

Date: 21.11.2011


Guest Lecture

You are invited to attend a lecture by

Zvi Or-Bach

President and CEO of MonolithingIC 3d



Monolithic 3D – The effective alternative to Dimensional Scaling




The accelerating complexity and cost of dimensional scaling has given birth to “More than Moore”, of which 3D IC is

one of the leading drivers. Recent breakthroughs have added the option of practical monolithic 3D with a 10,000x

higher vertical connectivity. Multiple researchers have reported the potential of 3D IC with rich vertical connectivity to

provide significant average wire length reduction. In fact, some forecast that each device folding could be equivalent to

one process node of dimensional scaling.

We will present several 3D IC flows with their pros and cons, and the future implications.

We will also present how the technology could be apply to related application including:

Memories, Image sensor, Micro-Display and Wafer-Scale-Integration


The lecture will take place on Monday, 21/11/2011

at 10:30-11:30  in room 861

Electrical Eng. Building

Technion City