Entrepreneurship in Semiconductors: Shai Cohen – The future? Hardware! A Personal Journey

Shai Cohen

The future? Hardware! A Personal Journey

Join Shai Cohen, co founder of Mellanox and proteanTecs on a fascinating journey through the dynamic world of hardware engineering and entrepreneurship In this presentation, Shai will describe the milestones of his career alongside significant advancements in the chip industry, from the early days of the personal computing revolution, through the flourishing of the server farm industry, IoT, and AI, to the advanced innovations of today and tomorrow Through stories from his experience at Intel, founding Mellanox, and leading proteanTecs Shai will demonstrate how engineering innovation and entrepreneurship are changing our world Join this talk to learn how you can lead and make an impact through hardware.

Shai Cohen, co-founder of Mellanox and proteanTecs is a seasoned entrepreneur in the chip industry with extensive experience in managing and building tech companies from their inception Since 2017 he has served as the CEO of proteanTecs a pioneer of deep data analytics for monitoring the health of electronic systems throughout their lifecycle, from manufacturing stages to ongoing market use Before founding proteanTecs Shai co founder of Mellanox, a global leader in InfiniBand and Ethernet technologies for high speed data transfer between servers and storage systems, a company later acquired by Nvidia As COO of Mellanox, he oversaw all operational and manufacturing functions and led research and development activities His professional journey began at Intel, where he was a senior team member in the Pentium processors department and a circuit design manager in the storage controllers group Shai holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with honors from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Date: July 3, 2024, Wednesday

Time: 12:30 – 14:30 Israel Time

Location: 1003 Meyer Building

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